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The Umarex company began manufacturing replica firearms in Germany in 1972. Demand and interest in their products grew quickly and it was not long before Umarex started making CO2-powered air guns and compressed air guns for hunters and sports shooters.

Today, premium standards are maintained by Umarex at their headquarters in Arnsberg, Germany. Umarex uses CNC technology to ensure maximum precision and consistent workmanship. Experienced workers, who know each firearm down to the last detail, monitor the automated production processes. In this way traditional craftsmanship is augmented by the latest engineering knowledge. Thanks to this combination of tradition and innovation, Umarex firearms carry the signature of experienced gunsmiths.

Umarex applies the latest technological standards when it comes to quality assurance. Special quality controls are integrated in each production step. Components that are critical for proper function and safety are tested using exacting procedures based on 3D measuring technology. Then the guns are fired as specified by German law for testing and certification of firearms. These tests include a safety margin for maximum operating pressure. Once the firearms have passed this rigorous examination, they receive proof marks. Then they are test fired by experts with standard ammunition.

Thanks to this rigorous quality assurance, shooters throughout the world place their trust in firearms made by Umarex.

Umarex Sportwaffen GmbH is a member of the PW Group.