KK500-E Expert

KK500-E Expert

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The Walther KK500-E Expert precision small-bore rifle features a 3D laminated grip, infinitely adjustable fore-end elevation, parallel linkage for adjustment of butt stock cast, and a ball-bearing-mounted Expert match electronic trigger. The .22 LR single shot has an Expert aluminium stock with a wide range of settings, high-precision match barrel made of alloy steel with long lifespan, and slim all-in-one cheek piece with two different contact surfaces.

A world first, the bolt handle and cartridge ejection can be switched without tools for right- or left-handed operation. Plus short bolt and breech permit for easy reloading from the firing position. MEC hand stop & Expert hook butt plate; Insight/Out rear sight and Centra Score fore sight; and Centra Block Club sight elevation – height and laterally adjustable.

The Walther KK500-E Expert is available with a Blue Angel grip in right-handed and genuine left-handed versions. It also comes in a mechanical trigger in both right-handed and genuine left-handed versions.

The Walther KK500 range is a significant extension to the proven small-bore range of the KK300 model series for top shooters. The Walther KK500-E Expert is a World Cup medal winner.

Thanks to its special technical features, unequalled shooting precision, new trigger and new ergonomic stock, the rifle is designed primarily for shooters competing at the national and international level. The use of high-grade materials and precise workmanship down to the smallest detail ensure you will have a competition rifle of the highest quality for many years to come. Made in Germany.

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.22 LR

Barrel length





Blue Angel laminated wood grip left hand (electronic trigger), Blue Angel laminated wood grip right hand (electronic trigger)


Expert match electronic trigger, cased with tools and accessories

Item #

281 03 10 (right size M), 281 03 28 (left size M)

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