Due to the slanted nose piece which is placed outwards, the Knobloch K2 Shooting Glasses are ideally suitable for rifle shooters and archers with an extreme firing position. The glasses are made of ruthenium coated Nickel silver, high-grade steel, silicon, and thermoplast. They feature spring hinge sides with curlside ends that are silicon covered for better comfort. There is an adjusting slide, which allows for perfect alignment of the lens holder.

The slanted nose piece allows for a clear sight picture. They include a 23mm lens holder, 165mm ear piece, screw driver, and is cased.

The K2 shooting glasses are designed by optician and German shooting champion Bruno Knobloch. Perfect fit, the best material and exact detailed workmanship distinguish Knobloch in the market place. Made in Germany.


Optional accessories for the Knobloch K2 shooting glasses include cover disc, iris shutter, side protectors, filter and clip-on-holder, three lens set.