The Walther LGU Varmint underlever spring-powered air rifle is available in .177 and .22 calibres, and comes with an adjustable XM match trigger (first stage travel and trigger weight). With velocity up to 970 f/s (.177) and 625 f/s (.22).

Fans of mechanical systems want their spring-operated air rifle to be powerful, but at the same time slim and elegant. However, the cocking mechanism has to be put somewhere. In the Walther LGU Varmint the cocking lever sits under the barrel, where it is inconspicuous but effective. This technology permits telescopic sights of almost any length to be mounted. The all-weather synthetic thumbhole stock has a HI-GRIP finish on the grip and fore-end, a raised cheek piece for shooting with a telescopic sight, and a ventilated rubber butt plate provides extra shoulder protection.

The LGU Varmint features a rotary piston, automatic trigger safety, 11mm dovetail for scope mounts, innovative Super Silent Technology for smooth firing and a Vibration Reduction System for increased accuracy. It can be cocked with hardly any friction and fires so smoothly that each shot can be checked through the sight. Premium Quality. Made in Germany.


Optional accessories for the Walther LGU Varmint air rifle include Walther 6×42 scope & rings.