The Walther LG400-E Anatomic Expert match air rifle features a two-stage electronic trigger, carbon fibre barrel jacket, pressure reducer with Quickclean air filter, and ergonomically shaped loading lever which can be placed on the left-hand or right-hand side. The .177 single shot has a MEC butt plate that is continuously adjustable to 12 different dimensions. Plus the anatomic wood stock with wide range of settings and T-slot rail, as well as Insight/Out match diopter and Centra Score fore sight holder, Block Club sight elevation. There is a wide breech with loading status indicator, optimised air flow ensures short shot development time, and variable centre of gravity and weight distribution.

Successful shooters choose Walther. They have garnered Olympic and World Cup gold medals with the LG300 series of air guns. So, how can this string of victories be continued in the future? Walther’s engineers have responded with the high-tech LG400.

The Walther LG400-E Anatomic Expert is available with a Blue Angel finish in a right-handed version. It also comes in a mechanical trigger in bowlth right-handed and genuine left-handed versions.

Other features include: Equalizer magnetic absorber system; aluminium cylinder with pressure gauge; precision stock length and cheek piece setting; infinitely adjustable fore-end with knee joint; light metal butt plate MEC Contact III; absolutely tension-free barrel mounting; barrel weight, fore-end weights, butt plate weights with rod and accessories.

Eco valve technology allows for minimal opening pulse and reduced shot development time. The breech has convenient loading with precise pellet guidance. Made in Germany.