Frontier Arms is the exclusive Australian distributor for Walther, Thompson/Center, Hammerli, Umarex, Knobloch, Walther Pro, Alpina Sport and Elite Force. Please enter a postcode or suburb to find your closest Frontier Arms stockists.


      Parallel and grey imports

      Parallel and grey imports are products that may be available in Australia that have not been imported through the Authorised Distribution channel. These products are often imported via third parties by resellers and passed off as authorised items.

      Products not purchased through one of our Authorised Stockists or Authorised Dealers are not covered by our Warranty, and we cannot provide technical support to purchasers of these. Please do not contact us for help with any parallel or grey market products.

      If you are unsure if the product you are about to buy has been imported directly from the manufacturer by Frontier Arms, then please contact us and we can confirm if you are buying from an Authorised Stockist or Authorised Dealer.