The Knobloch K5 glasses are designed for two handed shooting, rapid fire pistol or trap and skeet shotgun shooting. They have a height-adjustable nose piece and can therefore be placed very high, so that the glasses don’t come into contact with the gun – ideal for trap and skeet shooting. The K5 shooting glasses are made of Nickel silver, high-grade steel, silicon, PVC, and are supplied with blank lens. They feature spring hinge sides with curlside ends that are silicon covered for better comfort.

Different filters are available and are clipped on which allows them to be swapped quickly to suit changing light conditions. An optional cover disc can be fitted to the non-aiming eye.

The K5 shooting glasses are designed by optician and German shooting champion Bruno Knobloch. Perfect fit, the best material and exact detailed workmanship distinguish Knobloch in the market place. Made in Germany.


Optional accessories for the Knobloch K5 shooting glasses include clip-on filter, cover disc and special holder.