Emphasising the sleek appearance of your firearm doesn’t have to come at the cost of effectiveness!

WALTHER’s case colour hardening combines both proven functionality and distinctive aesthetics to the degree that cannot be achieved by using any other heat treatment available today. Due to the unique process, the special earth-coloured effects that result from treated metal parts are highly individual, allowing for each WALTHER Vintage pistol to truly stand out as an exclusive firearm.

Case hardening is a historically traditional process of utilising technology in gunsmithing to achieve both a higher hardness on the surface and increasing wear resistance. For this purpose, the treated material is deeply enriched with carbon in a granulate of wood, leather and bone charcoal which is then hardened in water through a quenching process. The more complex a component is, the more experience and skill is required to perform this process successfully. During quenching, the steel oxidises, which helps to form different oxide layers of varying thickness in dynamic colours such as brown, green, yellow, blue, and even magenta. The surface hardness this process establishes in our colour-hardened components generally reaches 45–55 HRC. The colourful surface also features remarkably effective corrosion protection, which is increased by an approximately 1/1000” thin layer of special protection paint.

The beautifully marbled and cloud-like shimmering colour effects from the cooling process of the treated metal parts are incredibly exceptional on every WALTHER Vintage handgun. With a case-colour-hardened pistol, you can hold a truly unique representation of WALTHER’s ingenuity and proficiency in your hands.