Talking about high-end competition guns is talking about Walther products.
Following the success of the Black Diamond and Black Tie, Walther continues the legendary story of the Q5 Match Steel Frame. Now staking new claims with the Black Ribbon. The youngest member of the pistol family is wrapped in a touch of black.

Born with the approval of the IPSC Standard Division.

The Black Ribbon offers a wide range of flexibility right out of the box: three 10-round magazines, LPA fibre optic front sight, paired with an LPA click-adjustable rear sight, and it is optics ready. Three mounting plates are included to allow the installation of a variety of popular red dot sights.

Walther’s Steel-Frame series took the shooting community by storm. The prime example of German engineering unleashes undreamt-of capabilities rain, hail or shine. The Walther Steel Frame seems to always ask for more, never reaching its built-in potential.

So here it is, A Meister Manufaktur that does it all.

The extended magazine release protrudes clearly, is easy to reach and uses a heavier spring. Walther implemented a heavier spring to ensure you don’t drop mags in competition. For instance: the IPSC stage begins with the pistol lying on top of the mag release? No problem, the pistol won’t drop the mag once the buzzer goes. Whether right or left-handed, the extended mag release is reversible like the rest of the PPQ family.

The slim aluminium grip enhances the aesthetic of the Black Ribbon, and its checkering makes it fit like a glove. Also made from aluminium is Walther’s Dynamic Performance Trigger. Attributes include: trigger safety, aluminium trigger blade with flat finger rest and hook-shaped runout, shortened take-up, short over-travel, shorter reset, optimised sear engagement and unbelievably crisp trigger action. BTW: This performance trigger is downward compatible and can be retrofitted to all PPQ 9mm’s.

Walther PPQ Q5 SF Black Ribbon. The name says it all.