Sport pistols with proven technology, the Walther GSP Expert is the world’s most popular target pistol – over 100,000 units sold. Reliable performance thanks to improved barrel geometry and a vibration-absorbing plastic sleeve. Sights are positioned closer to the wrist, which reduces aiming errors. Nitro-carbonised breech reduces friction of breech movement even in rapid firing. The laminated wood Caribbean Waves grip is optimally adapted to the shooter’s hand ensuring an ideal fit.

The GSP Expert trigger can be adjusted as needed from 1000g to 1360g. Conversion units in either .22 LR or .32 S&W are available as an optional accessory. These can be fitted quickly and easily giving you “two calibres/one gun”. It comes with a newly developed recoil absorber and adjustable sights.

The Walther GSP Expert target pistol is a World Championship medal winner, and is made in Germany.


Optional accessories for the Walther GSP Expert pistol include Conversion Unit .22 LR or .32 S&W.