The Walther Pro HL17 is somewhat larger and more powerful than the HL11, but it is just as easy to operate with 90° angle adjustment. With its lens diameter of 28 instead of 22mm, this headlamp illuminates a wider area and has a sliding focus for adjusting the beam. Weight is only 175 grams, allowing comfortable use for long periods.

These headlamps have been designed so that there is no battery compartment behind the head. This eliminates the need for cables, which can crack at low temperatures even when of excellent quality. The headband passes over one’s head to compensate for the lack of a balancing weight, resulting in a pleasure to wear.

BETTER LIGHTING. Light performance for professionals and enthusiasts. Designed and engineered in Germany by light technology specialists. Made and tested according to ANSI FL1 (American National Standards Institute).


Optional accessories for the Walther Pro HL17 headlamp include Light Holder for tripod, and Multi Charging Kit.