Another member of the Slim Line series, the Walther Pro SL65 delivers an astounding 759 lumens when using the batteries supplied with the flashlight. In this case two CR123 lithium batteries. The Multi Battery System (MBS) also allows use of an ICR18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which increases the light output to 810 lumens.

For convenient operation, users can count on the proven Walther Pro control sequence (100, 40, 10 percent plus Tactical Defense Strobe), which can be activated from any switch position, even when the light is off. The SL65 is water-resistant rated (IPX 4) and features a belt clip.

BETTER LIGHTING. Light performance for professionals and enthusiasts. Designed and engineered in Germany by light technology specialists. Made and tested according to ANSI FL1 (American National Standards Institute).


Optional accessories for the Walther Pro SL65 light include Multi Charging Kit.