The special edition Black Tie is deliberately understated, yet its refined looks and added performance, make this unassailable Q5 Steel Frame a modern classic.

The barrel, slide and steel-frame of the Black Tie are all Tenifer nitride treated and polished to give superior hardness and phenomenal protection against corrosion. The parts are then Stinox coated, which leaves an upscale satin finish with outstanding protection against corrosion and wear.

To enhance functionality, a Dynamik Performance Trigger has been introduced. This is a dynamic match trigger with superior characteristics of reduced take-up, trigger stop, and trigger reset. At its wall, the flat-faced aluminium trigger shoe breaks like glass at 5.5lb.

The one-piece wrap-around aluminium grip is machined from a solid block of aerospace-grade aluminium alloy and the magazine base plate is aluminium resulting in a homogenous, balanced structure. With 20 lines per inch checkering and satin anodizing, shooters will discover in-the-palm ergonomics that feel like an extension of their hand. The striking “Black Tie” edition is completed with a black serrated target front sight and adjustable match rear sight both fully integrated into the slide.

The Walther PPQ Q5 Steel Frame Black Tie promises unparalleled performance that can only be found at Walther, a company defined by over a century of engineering passion, precision workmanship, and innovation.

“Our perceptible passion for excellence is paired with the courage to try something ground breaking with the Black Tie model. With an understated look that leaves no questions about its quality, we have fused performance and high-level aesthetic into a remarkable product,” said Bernhard Knöbel, CEO, Carl Walther GmbH.


Optional accessories include: Walther single magazine pouch, double magazine pouchMicro PPQ knife